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We live in the age of social hysteria and not a day goes by without being tainted by some emotionally charged cause du jour. The key to...

We live in the age of social hysteria and not a day goes by without being tainted by some emotionally charged cause du jour. The key to surviving the mayhem is to look at every controversy through the lens of human rights - to calm the hell down, and then focus on what makes us free. So when an issue arises that has your heart and mind in a tug-of-war, don't limit yourself to sympathy or reason alone. Instead, set out to reasonably judge which sympathies are more important to liberty, equality, and justice. 

I've written about the cultural regression happening on college campuses across the free world and I'm sad to report that this massive loss of brain cells is spreading like the influenza. The formerly great city of New York recently passed laws to punish what is fondly labelled "misgendering" which basically just means that people get to declare what gender they are and all others must bow to their preferred identity or suffer ridiculous financial penalties. To put it in simple terms, forget to call your co-worker "zhe" instead of "she" one too many times, you could be paying to the tune of up to $250,000.00. Of course, what they do in a city that used to be celebrated for diversity of thought has little to do with a gal on the frozen Canadian tundra. Right? 

I too would have assumed that we in Alberta had a little more time before the infection reached our fair borders, but sadly, it's already come for the children. Thanks to the autocrats of socialist education, our public schools are now required to enact new standards of gender enlightenment which include allowing children to select a gender, enforce chosen pronouns, play on their preferred sports teams, and use whichever bathroom and change room they prefer. A letter was sent out to the parents in my miniscule town informing them thus (by the way, children will be discouraged from using sexist familial titles like parents, mothers and fathers). Already, these concerned moms and dads caregivers are feeling the fear of being accused of bigotry when they ought to fear a rising generation of intellectual retards.

But why am I making such a big deal about this? What difference does it make if someone decides they're a she instead of a he or a zhe or a xe? Pull out your human rights lens now. Because you're absolutely right, it makes no difference at all if it's a personal decision that affects their personal life. But the rules change when you are in the public square and marketplace - they must in order to respect a billion slightly or radically different lifestyles. You will always be more free in your personal space than you will be in public. That is how we co-exist with one another. There is a maturity requirement when it comes to liberty - you have to be secure and respectful enough to allow others to see things differently than you do. This is what tolerance actually is. 

So lets tackle this issue in points, the first being the most obvious. Gender dysphoria, or feeling that your emotional gender does not match your physical gender, is not based on biology, chemistry, physiognomy, or life experience. No matter how much a man might think he feels like a woman, he has no idea how a woman feels because he has never been one. He only knows what he, as an individual, feels, and what he prefers and believes. The problem lies not in what he feels, prefers and believes, but in what he expects or demands others to feel, prefer and believe. Transgenderism is believed and felt. And like all other beliefs and opinions, it cannot be forced on others who have just as much right to choose their own. Not all people believe that gender can be selected or that manhood and womanhood can be reduced to a costume or labels. Human rights allow all people to call themselves what they will, dress how they will, and act how they will. Human rights do not allow people to police how they are perceived or spoken of by others. This is at heart, as simple as that. You can't make me call you zhe. You can't make me call you anything at all. 

Another problem that becomes startlingly apparent in the practical world is the fact that men and women cannot always compete or perform on equal planes. So allowing girls who identify as male to play on much stronger and faster men's sports teams or allowing a male transgender to get into the ring and beat actual women to a bloody pulp, is in reality abusive and repressive to women. And there are emotional differences that matter as well. For example, allowing a male who identifies as female to work in counselling rape victims could be horrifying to a girl who has just been assaulted. In disregarding the irremovable differences between biological sexes, we actually further divide the genders. And unfortunately, in nearly all cases where a transgender is given a free pass in the public marketplace, it is women who suffer indignity and violence.

This is the point that makes my blood boil because no matter how much you sympathize with transgenders, this is an issue of safety. Assignment of public bathrooms and change rooms is not now, nor has it ever been about feelings or even identity. It's a very direct way of keeping interested, eager, and aggressive penises away from vaginas in a moment of vulnerability. Yes, we all want to be kind and tolerant. But we also don't want to worry that every time we send our twelve year old daughter into the mall washroom that she might be watched, recorded, flashed, groped, or worse, by a man in a dress. The reality is that allowing men to use the ladies room is an open invitation to all straight male perverts to put on some lipstick and stroll right into the banquet. No decent transgendered person wants this! This is one of those instances when we must reasonably judge between sympathies. Is it more important to society that someone's feelings are validated by a urinal, or that someone feels they can do their business without threat of sexual assault? We're going to have to pick one.

Let's also consider the fact that passing laws and enforcing standards like this does not make people more tolerant. The reverse is true. Because it is magnificently easy to be tolerant of someone who is living his or her life without trying to make you change your own. But once someone gets in your personal space and tries to shame you for who you are (that's intolerance), you are bound to get a little defensive and a little more determined to hold your ground. Categorizing people never celebrates and unites, it only divides and excludes.

So why then would the benevolent powers on high be suddenly so engrossed with gender identity? Is this a power play? Are we setting yet another dangerous precedent that allows more government overreach and control? Because misgendering isn't an action - it is thought and speech. It is what goes on in your head and heart that the government is attempting to curb. And that is not their job. But it is a simple truth that people who believe that society must be monitored and managed for the good of all tend to gravitate toward government jobs, and as we've previously discussed, government always seeks to grow government. They will make these decisions on our behalf if we allow it, even at the cost of liberty. Because to the social elitists, liberty is a privilege that takes a back seat to matters of order and congeniality. Good intentions where another's choices are concerned - that is tyranny.   

And perhaps this whole phenomenon has you laughing. I know. Silly New Yorkers. And maybe you aren't the least bit worried that some school code of speech is going to change who you are. It won't. The thing is, the children who grow up believing that all humanity can be sorted, ranked, excused, and limited according to feelings, will eventually be the ones writing up your misgender violations. 

Now would be an excellent time to stop the madness.
Before your six year old starts calling you "caregiver 1" and "caregiver 2".

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