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Yes, this is indeed a conservative, libertarian, constitutional site. A black sheep in the blogosphere. A traitor to polite complacence. But what makes Liberty on the Prairie a little different from other conservative blogs is a focus on basic, foundational politics.

We've spent the last generation of our society training people to be politically correct to the point they can no longer accept factual information or reason. Science is relative and human rights are quantified and we're divided into narrow classes that come up with hashtags about love which they use to perpetuate hate. We need to re-train our society to be free. Because while being free is our God-given right, living in a free society is a skill.

So whether you consider yourself politically aware or blissfully ignorant, this blog can help you to take even the most complex issues and strip them down to the bare bones : liberty, human rights and equality.

You'll find short articles on the basic principles of freedom, commentary on current social and political issues, and fact sheets that give you the information you need to form your own opinion. What you do with that opinion, is up to you.

But you must know that we conservatives can't afford to hide from the disapproving social elite any longer. It is high time we arm ourselves with knowledge and become an active voice once again. Our very liberty depends on it.

About the Author

I'm Ginger Lee Malacko, an Alberta-grown novelist with an abhorrence for all things tyrannical. Before I discovered that writing adventure stories for tweens is much more fun, I spent nearly ten years as a political activist at the United Nations. I was forever changed by the gross and deliberate manipulation of human rights I witnessed in those "hallowed" halls. I made myself two promises back then: that I would not allow myself to be fooled by seemingly good intentions, and that I would spend the rest of my life writing about freedom.

This blog was created in keeping with that promise - and also because I've noticed over the years that our ignorance of the basic principles of freedom has made us vulnerable to the power-hungry and the ideologically deluded. I write this blog mainly because I cannot keep quiet. But I do hope that you will find it helpful. Or at least challenging to your own personal status quo.

You may notice that I do not allow comments on this blog. I only wish to avoid the hassle of screening them for threats and profanity. Anyway, there's really no point in verbally attacking me or anyone like me. The point is for you to read, consider, and get out into the world to add to the discussion in a meaningful way. So please share whatever you like on this site. Talk about it, debate over it, let it spurn you on to more thought and more research.

Speak out and allow all others that same vital right.

Note: All pictures on this site were taken in Alberta and are the property of the author...

...and yes, the prairies are gorgeous.

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